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When it comes to advertising creativity, size truly does not matter. As an advertising client, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars to get our attention or our best creative talents. Creativity as measured by annual Addy Awards clearly shows that ADS & PR can go toe-to-toe with the biggest ad agencies and outdo them. Creativity and results are, after all, what you are paying for—not the fancy lunches or the second string account executives who say “yes” without considering if a concept or a project is really in your company’s best interests. ADS & PR’s direct contact creative approach means you always get our “A team,” without a big hassle and unnecessary costs. What’s big around our agency is our ideas and commitment to our clients—each and every one of them!

Tres Amigos Harley-Davidson: BORN TO RIDE TOGETHER

Being “hog” enthusiasts ourselves, this campaign was right up our biking alley! ADS & PR used the symbolic photo of a classic bike outside a diner on the open road. After all, every true biker loves the thrill of the open road and the wind in their face. Our multi-level marketing campaign embraced that in outdoor advertising, radio, TV and print advertising.

Run Energy: Experts in Alternative Energy

Run Energy is one of the world’s leading operations and maintenance (O&M) services companies especially for the wind energy industry. It takes more than mechanical knowledge of how things work; it takes a company-wide commitment to quality and safety. Huge wind turbines have to spin to generate energy. If something goes wrong somewhere on a wind farm of hundreds of turbines and hundred of feet up in the air, companies don’t want to play around with a novice or an unproven O&M source. ADS & PR goes into great depth to show what makes Run Energy different and special. The success of an international advertising and trade show marketing/PR campaign has transformed this originally Australian-based company into an international business success story.

Run Energy: Services

When this Australian-based alternative energy company entered the U.S. market, they needed a complete marketing package—the whole enchilada! ADS & PR was selected to create a signature look and feel that would quickly differentiate Run Energy from the competition in an exciting new industry. In Run’s new capabilities brochure, ADS & PR focuses on the people and services that make Run Energy unique in the industry. Today, the company is an international business success story with offices servicing the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the UK/Europe.

Run Energy: Bottom Line Efficiency

ADS & PR utilized a wide range of marketing strategies to ensure Run Energy’s success in the alternative energy industry including trade shows, print media, PR and the internet, to name a few. Run Energy’s white hardhat has become internationally synonymous with quality and efficiency.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery

The compelling visual we shot in the studio for a regional print advertising campaign also became a natural centerpiece for strategically positioned outdoor advertising. The “traffic-stopping” look is typical of ADS & PR’s approach to creating provocative and memorable campaigns that work in any media.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery

In preparation for an initial brand launch for Dr. Vitenas, ADS & PR’s own research showed that “natural” is a reoccurring theme and motivation. ADS & PR always focuses on what motivates a target audience and how to reach them in the most cost-effective and memorable way possible. Our creative team combines Vitenas’ signature brand with striking photos that exemplifies the cosmetic surgeon’s unique approach. Vitenas is widely known for his ability to achieve a natural look that is classic and timeless. This highly successful advertising campaign appeared on billboards, and in health and beauty publications.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery

In this striking double-page spread ad, we targeted health, beauty and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve their lives in a meaningful way. Here, ADS & PR utilizes real patient testimonials to explain the process and the life-transformative benefits of natural cosmetic surgery.

Input/Output: New Technology Teaser Campaign

How do you commemorate the 25th Anniversary of America’s moon landing and launch a new seismic system for the global energy industry? ADS & PR’s response—you put the product on the moonscape, of course! ADS & PR used our legendary digital retouching powers to create a believable look that stops readers in their tracks. The initial campaign was so successful that we adapted it to a broad spectrum of exploration products and services. Our worldwide marketing campaign included print advertising and brochures, trade show graphics, corporate video presentations and special events marketing.

Input/Output: Step Into The Future

Cullen Ranch: Quail Hunting Texas Style

One of Texas’ most historic families tapped ADS & PR to help launch a new venture that was a first for the Texas-based but world-savvy ADS & PR creative team. An authentic lodge worthy of accommodating elite quail-hunting aficionados was a dream assignment that expanded from a single brochure to special events and strategic print and outdoor media marketing. ADS & PR’s multi-step branding campaign kicked off with an opening event complete with sports stars, music legends and the who’s who of Texas—what you’d expect from an ADS & PR special event.

Cullen Ranch: Quail Hunting Texas Style

Capturing the essence of a company is ADS & PR’s specialty. We do the hands-on market research and the award-winning creative sets our clients brand apart every step of the way. We also pride ourselves on selecting the perfect media to enable our message to reach our clients’ prime target audiences as efficiently and effectively as possible.

ILOG: The world leader in software components

ILOG is an international enterprise solutions company that puts businesses in the fast lane. What says speed better than a race car? Because race cars and racing signage typically carry logos of their biggest supporters, it was a natural way for ADS & PR to highlight ILOG’s biggest fans—their big name customers who use ILOG software to win big in the business world. The ad compels readers to “look under the hood” and expect only the fastest and most robust solutions. The successful campaign has run in major print media around the globe.

Hyatt West: Comedy West Billboard

What happens when a classy, big name hotel wants to beef up revenue in a slow economy? You think outside traditional food and beverage promotions. At Hyatt West, the launch of new Comedy West brand was extremely successful. A fun billboard visual and a unique comedy club concept quickly got the attention of area residents and commuters stuck in legendary I-10 West traffic. The success of Comedy West marketing campaign also got the attention of local media, calling it one of the top advertising campaigns of the year.


ADS & PR produced a full-boat capabilities brochure as well as a complete website for this major distributor of medical supplies representing major manufacturers around the world. Because of the sheer number of products that had to be thoroughly researched and covered, the ADS & PR team worked to first organize the information logically. That included personally interviewing both customers and sales representatives in the field.


ADS & PR created a complete branding identity package for Reliance Medical Systems, including a sophisticated new logo, a brochure and website marketing to target potential customers and turn information seekers into buyers.


Our unique direct contact approach enables ADS & PR to uncover the real benefits the brand provides to real world customers. That translates into words and images your customers can truly relate to across a broad spectrum of marketing opportunities and experiences. What your customers think and want is at the absolute core of all we do.

Seis Pros: Swamp Ad

From the Atchafalaya Swamp to the Artic Circle, ADS & PR’s experienced creative team has travelled the globe to capture the images and the stories of energy businesses charged with getting the job done on a daily basis. With our unique first-hand perspective, ADS & PR has created award winning and high profile advertising and marketing campaigns that have transformed small startup companies into major international corporations.

Seis Pros: Transition Zone Ad

ADS & PR always looks for innovative ways to showcase what makes a company unique and special in a competitive industry. In a series of double-page ads, ADS & PR used close-up location photography to focus on the professionalism of Seis Pros’ people in the field. A series of back to back-to-back ads gave Seis Pros instantaneous recognition in the exploration industry. The visuals also did double-duty in one of Seis Pros’ first major annual reports as a public company.

Hyatt Regency: Paint The Town Red

Hyatt Regency Houston is a downtown business hotel landmark. Given that downtown Houston once had a reputation as a ghost town after work and on weekends. Hyatt’s new general manager wanted to “shake things up” when it came time for the hotel’s 25th anniversary celebration, so he called upon ADS & PR to come up with a theme and ideas that would start to change locals’ perception of the hotel as a place to party on the weekend too. Paint the Town Red has gone into the annals of Hyatt’s most successful promotions ever. The mega event pulled out all the stops with multiple radio station tie-ins, parties, contests and even construction of the World’s Largest Margarita according to Guinness Book of Records.

Hyatt Regency: Animal Crackers

Administrative assistants and travel professionals are key to any major business hotel. Periodically, Hyatt Regency Downtown says “thank you” to its Private Line associates by hosting a special party or event. In this particular year, ADS & PR created the Super Colossal Circus Party theme with accompanying direct mailings. Always seeking to set clients apart from the rest, ADS & PR designed a custom piece that mimics real animal cracker box packaging in a cost-effective, self-mailable format. The piece not only won lots of awards, the event was a resounding success. The only glitch from a hungry mail guy? A few recipients reported boxes that were sans animal cracker cookies, but we quickly supplied new ones.

Benefit Recovery: Front Cover

Benefit Recovery: Interior Spread

In the world of medicine, getting paid by insurance companies can be costly and time-consuming. One misstep can result in claims being denied long after services are rendered. Enter the specialists at Benefit Recovery. With a team of medical experts and industry specific software systems, Benefit Recovery works to effectively help clients get paid while navigating the endless series of government regulations such as HIPAA privacy requirements. ADS & PR interviewed all key members of Benefit Recovery’s team and returned with a capabilities brochure that is elegant, informative and compelling.

PrimeWest: Commercial Development

It’s not easy making a several hundred acre commercial development of raw land look sexy. To help, ADS & PR focused on the various key professionals who contributed directly to ensuring the overall quality of the development. Here, ADS & PR highlighted the landscape architect. Anyone who is familiar with West Houston knows that it is not known for its towering trees. PrimeWest made a significant investment in relocating and planting large trees to provide a mature effect. Our research showed that little things like landscaping make a big difference to prospective buyers.


Detailed information on the next Event Invitation graphic.

BELL GEOSPACE: Event Invitation

Bell Geospace is an international exploration imaging company. Each year, Europe hosts a multi-day convention, allowing exhibitors the opportunity to tout their services to the top energy companies in the world. After a day on the exhibit floor, participants are looking to make connections with prospective customers on a personal level. Knowing that the event in London was located near what was once Winston Churchill’s underground war room in World War II, ADS & PR’s creative juices began to flow. We discovered that the war room was now available for “events” such as one we were planning. The concept of “THERE’S A POWERFUL NEW EXPLORATION WEAPON COMING” worked brilliantly with the war-room theme. With attention to every detail, ADS & PR uncovered a small manufacturer of historically correct WWII battleships. The craftsman custom made each battleship to scale. Needless to say, the uniqueness of the venue and the marketing pieces made Bell Geospace the talk of the convention.

iMimic: Corporate ID

With iMimic’s DataReactor™ Core software as the focus, designing a naturally relevant logo and corporate ID was important to tying the key product to the company. ADS & PR created a custom iMimic logo that has the look of a powerful nuclear reaction.


You have warehouses full of products and boxes. You need to know exactly what you have, where it is, where it’s delivered and when. SAE’s unique bar-code scanning technology and systems work seamlessly on everything from parts to grocery items including some of the largest grocery chains in the U.S. and Europe. ADS & PR captured the fast-moving world of warehouse management by showing the technology at work and explaining its benefits to potential customers.


Doctors Hospital is a hospital operating on the neighborhoods of North Houston. Because good quality maternity care is so vital to the health of mother and child alike, we engaged in a “warm and fuzzy” campaign to let expectant mothers know that Doctors Hospital is there in their neighborhood to help them with everything they need—right down to a complimentary teddy bear just for replying to the ad. The ad not only reached out to prospective families, it positioned Doctors Hospital as a friendly and caring local hospital environment.


ADS & PR uses interesting info graphics to keep viewers engaged in the message.

NEW CENTURY FINANCIAL: Presentation Spread

New Century Financial is one of the largest and most successful accounts receivable factoring companies, enabling businesses to get Just In Time Cash® to meet their day to day business needs. Growing businesses in a wide variety of industries need working capital to meet payroll, purchase equipment, reduce debt, improve cash flow and expand in an increasingly competitive marketplace. ADS & PR was charged with the task of explaining the differences between how traditional banks and New Century Financial works. Once businesses saw and understood the advantages of factoring with New Century Financial, the choice became obvious. ADS & PR designed and created custom graphics to understand the financial benefits and the process, compelling potential customers to “make the call” and request more information. New Century Financial continues to grow and expand around that nation.


Effective marketing must be clear and easy to understand by your target audience. Flow charts are proven tools we use to communicate detailed concepts.

NEW CENTURY FINANCIAL: Different than a Bank


ADS & PR has been proud to be part of Run Energy’s expansion in the U.S. wind energy market from the ground up. Run Energy is now a major operations and maintenance services provider with the ability to enable alternative energy producers to be as productive and efficient as possible. ADS & PR utilized the Run Energy logo carved into the bottom of a work boot as the signature brand of the company’s and their crews’ commitment to work hard and do whatever it takes.


What loves seafood better than a hungry cat? A picture tells a million words. This riveting image became the symbol brand for Hyatt Regency West’s new seafood themed restaurant. The fish was even trained to respond to light, enabling it to be at the right place at the right time in the shot.


In true “gloves-off, take on the competition style,” ADS & PR did a head to head comparison of ALSoft DiskExpress II and a well-known competitor’s disk optimization product for the Mac. Because of the symbolism involved, the ad received national attention and led to strong product sales that directly boosted ALSoft's bottom line. New generations of the product continue to be released to a market of Mac users wanting to improve performance at a reasonable cost.


OYO Geospace manufactures large format graphic display solutions among other things. In this graphics industry specific ad, ADS & PR focused on the cost and quality assurance benefits of utilizing technology in-house versus venturing out and relying on outside suppliers. Like all ADS & PR concepts, the visual is compelling and urges readers to find out how a tiny mouse with cheese-filled traps outside can relate. Telling the story always involves ADS & PR’s award-winning attention to great design, great graphics and great copywriting.

Sun Microsystems

ADS & PR designed a Sun Microsystems billboard which compels viewers to question whether their servers are powerful enough to handle any load. We focused on a simple provocative question to create awareness of the obvious answer for any enterprise...Sun Microsystems is the answer!

TIBCO: Cover


TIBCO pioneered the concept of “real-time enterprise software.” Because of its benefits for such a wide variety of businesses, marketing for TIBCO required a constant understanding of the complex software benefits and the business-to-business advantages to a broad range of C-level titles including CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, CFOs and more. Highly targeted mailings such as this gave TIBCO’s sales and marketing specialists the opportunity to reach high-level decision-makers in a wide range of industries worldwide.


As one of the nation’s top cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Paul Vitenas deserved a logo emblematic of his quality and artistry. ADS & PR designed and executed a custom logo with the tag line of Vitenas: The Fine Art of Natural Cosmetic Surgery. The precision and elegance of the logo was truly reflective of the artistry that Dr. Vitenas’ brand symbolizes.


Where do all those shirts, jackets and more come from? You know—the ones with logos of your favorite teams or messages embroidered or silkscreened. Full Line is a national supplier of high-quality wearables with a wide-range of products and price-points. ADS & PR used a variety of visuals and themes to convey Full Line’s benefits and advantages.

Comedy West: Poster; Billboard; and Print Campaign

AVIRI: Learn More

ADS & PR created a logo, identity package and website concept which reflects the leading edge, high technology brand Aviri represents. Today, Aviri synthesizes, evangelizes, teaches and implements powerful models that unlock the innovation that is capable in people, teams and organizations around the globe.

AVIRI: Demonstration


ADS & PR’s in-depth knowledge of the global energy industry has enabled us to create marketing and branding campaigns that grab the attention of major players in the oil and gas industry — key decision-makers at the highest levels with the ability to influence buying decisions—BIG buying decisions. Trade shows, targeted print media, special events, complete brochure development as well as annual and quarterly reports—ADS & PR does it all!


The campaigns ADS & PR developed for Input/Output were groundbreaking. We created legendary advertising that introduced whole new categories of exploration products in ways designed to grab attention and maintain it — not just for days or weeks but also for years! The visuals, the copy and the unconventional approaches helped propel I/O into a leader in the seismic exploration products industry worldwide.


In the early 1990’s, Input/Output launched an incredible new product that would rock the seismic world with the I/O System One®. An unprecedented 3-D data acquisition system would enable geophysicists in energy companies to see more and do much more with seismic data than ever before. Everyone involved was working at warp speed to bring the product to market and to make a major product announcement at one of the biggest geophysical industry shows of the year—maybe ever! ADS & PR created this historic teaser ad utilizing a “glowing doghouse” in a provocative setting to let the seismic world know something big was coming on the scene—something very, very big...


Picture a multi-level virtual shopping mall entirely available on the internet. Imagine a shopping mall filled with stores, shopping opportunities and even bathrooms with walls on which “visitors could even write graffiti on bathroom walls.” Pretty leading edge stuff to say the least. ADS & PR never steps back from ground-breaking concepts that can rock the world. The graphics on the marketing materials are leading edge for the time and propel the internet shopping mall concept to the next level. Rock on!

NETORGANIX: New Brand Corporate ID

NetOrganix is the brainchild of Bolivian native, Leon Galindo. Galindo contacted ADS & PR to help create a brand symbolic of his unique vision for a new startup enterprise. What is called a new economy venture develops strategic solutions, applications and proprietary platforms that combine social networking, content and knowledge management solutions. ADS & PR developed the custom logo that continues to be utilized worldwide.

Sonat / Transocean: Offshore Oil Platform at Dawn; Capabilities Brochure

Sonat / Transocean: Offshore Oil Platform at Dawn; Capabilities Brochure Cover

Sonat / Transocean: Marketing Materials

When it comes to drilling for oil and gas offshore, the emphasis is on bigger rigs and deeper and deeper prospects. Sonat / Transocean has become a world leader in supplying the biggest offshore rigs along with a depth of experience to explore successfully in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Sonat / Transocean tapped ADS & PR’s team to create a high profile capabilities marketing brochure that captures the essence of the company and its unique advantages to major energy companies worldwide.

Sonat / Transocean: Offshore Oil Rig Flare Off; Capabilities Brochure

Sonat / Transocean: Offshore Oil Rig Flare Off; Capabilities Brochure; Interior Spread

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Cover for marketing materials

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Marketing materials; kiln exterior

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Marketing brochure

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Marketing brochure; materials holding yard

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Global Leadership Marketing brochure

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Global Leadership Marketing brochure

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Quality marketing brochure

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Quality marketing brochure

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Relationships marketing brochure

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Relationships marketing brochure

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Aluminum sales brochure

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Aluminum sales brochure

Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon: Industrial products turnkey marketing and advertising campaign

The production of calcined petroleum coke is a highly technical and complex industrial process. ADS & PR’s experienced business-to-business specialists quickly understood and conveyed the real world benefits offered by Great Lakes Carbon / SGL Carbon to major oil refiners and aluminum producers worldwide. From striking on location photography to riveting design and copywriting, ADS & PR delivers turnkey marketing and advertising projects on time and within budget.

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