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Posted By Michael Hughes on January 1, 2014 | 0 comments
ADS & PR wins 17 ADDY Awards

ADS & PR wins 17 ADDY Awards

A comparison of ADS & PR to the 10 biggest advertising agencies in Houston

You’ve probably always suspected that big billings aren’t a guarantee of great marketing creativity. This graph merely confirms it.

ADS & PR can stand toe to toe with any of the big boys—and we do (we’re the little guy, the tiny speck fourth from the left winning 17 Addy Awards.) Impressive when you consider that most of our marketing budgets are dwarfed in comparison.

Not only that, almost every piece of creative comes from the brains of only two marketing creatives—Michael and Linda Hughes. Obviously, without the towering costs associated with layers of account executives and junior A.E.s. that most big agencies solely depend on to translate the needs of the client back to the creative, marketing, and media people actually doing the work at the shop. At ADS & PR we’re not big on that. Mainly because one-on-one, crystal clear communications directly with our clients are far too important a factor in the success of any marketing campaign we produce. And it shows. The fact we win more than our share of awards, plus our clients remain loyal clients for years, and we save them money in the process, only adds further proof.

So what does all this mean to you? If you’re looking for new marketing creativity, look closely at the agency’s creative savvy, regardless of their size. Also, find out who will actually be communicating your needs. After all, it’s not only possible to get innovative, big-idea, big-looking marketing creative without paying for a big ad agency, you should expect it. ADS & PR does it on a daily basis. More effectively and efficiently than most of our giant competitors, too. But then again at ADS & PR, we’re not interested in becoming the biggest, only in staying the best.

Contact ADS & PR today at 713-851-6422. Oh yes, and ask to speak directly with Michael or Linda Hughes.

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Source for agency billings is 1986 Adweek Agency Directory, Southwestern Edition, page 51. Source for tabulation of “Addys” is the Grand Prix XXIV Addy Awards Program.

What Clients Are Saying About ADS & PR
Everyone else I have to push forward, except for you...But you guys, I have to reign you in. — Hugh Ervin, CEO, Seis Pros, Inc.

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